FEB 28 2023 – Seamless Signings and Enhanced Profiles: Unveiling Fairlynk’s Latest Power Moves!

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Updated Fairlynk's profile view

The latest update to Fairlynk brings a new and improved profile view for users. Now, instead of displaying profile details on the side of the profile avatar, they will be displayed in the menu by a simple click on the profile avatar. The details include in addition to the username, the email address as well.

Preconfigured signature block

A preconfigured signature block is automatically added when a document is expected to be signed electronically, technically when a signature channel different than “Signed Scan” is selected. The preconfigured signature block allows users to view all signatures without having to download the document as a PDF.

Signatories: The new tab available in the sidebar

The newly added tab is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to easily access signature details, such as the channel used for signing and the list of signatories, and for the workflow administrator to manage electronic signatures in the document. The tab includes a range of features, such as the ability to view and edit existing signatories, and the ability to specify the signature channel.

USB Sign : New electronic signature provider

Sign with USB token : Users can now digitally sign documents with their USB token-based digital signatures directly from their web browsers on Windows devices. This requires the signature agent “Nexu” to be installed on the device to access the connected USB tokens and other local certificates.

The widget “Required actions” now offers the option to view the list of required actions

Just like the other dashboard widgets, “View list” is added to the “Required actions” widget as well. This feature allows users to view the list of required actions for a task by clicking on the three dots next to the widget title. This makes it easier for users to see what actions they need to take to complete a task, and helps them stay organized and focused.

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