Drafting & Creation

Crafting Contracts with Excellence

Unleash the Power of Fairynk’s Drafting Module for Efficient Contract Authoring

Clause Library: Power Up Your Contracts

Build a library of recurring text sections or contract clauses that can be used in multiple contracts or templates and are centrally maintained.

The clause library accelerates the process of building custom contract templates. It also ensures quick reusability and supports scalability.

Embedded Conditional Logic: Make Contracts Smarter

Make your legal documents smarter and more intuitive with our built-in Conditional Logic feature within the clause library.

Set up rules on the contract based on the outcome of the values in your smartifelds , which will determine whether certain sections of the contract or template either show or become hidden.

One Template, Countless Options.

Pre-approved templates make contract generation a breeze! Build dynamic contract templates, simply drag and drop the necessary fields and clauses from the library and generate the correct contract based on the responses to the generation forms.

  • Include reusable clauses
  • Insert variables into the body of the document
  • Display content under conditions

Next generation Document-Builder

Word Converter: Seamlessly Edit .docx Files

With Word Import, you can upload any .docx or .doc file into Fairlynk, and instantly convert it into an editable Fairlynk document.

Using the converter, you can quickly import your files to the Fairlynk editor while preserving your original formatting and layout. 

This feature allows you to edit documents, insert Smart fields, clauses, and utilize the benefits of working in a live fairlynk document.

Bulk Create: Boost Efficiency

Streamline your workflow with our ‘Bulk Create’ feature. Effortlessly generate multiple contracts or documents in one go, saving you time and ensuring efficiency in your contract management tasks.

Discover the Future of Contract Management with Fairlynk!

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