Analytics & Reporting

Unlock Powerful Insights with Advanced Reporting and AI-driven Analytics

Harness the full spectrum of contract data with Fairlynk, empowering decision-makers with comprehensive insights.

Crisp Dashboard

Fairlynk’s user-friendly dashboard presents essential key performance indicators and other relevant in tabular or graphical form. It offers admins a high-level overview of business contracts at a glance, facilitating swift decision-making.

Categorized Reports

Our comprehensive reports in Fairlynk categorize contracts based on standard attributes, such as approval workflow type, renewal type, and contract type. These reports offer an insightful overview of all business contracts, enhancing your understanding of your contract repository.
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AI-driven Dynamic Reporting

Quickly generate AI-powered contract reports based on the criteria you choose.

Deadline Tracking

Stay well-informed about impending contract deadlines through our deadline reports and timely notifications. You can report on many types of deadlines related to lifecycle or required actions.

Effortless Data Export and Analysis

Effortlessly export your reports to Excel for in-depth data analysis and further examination. Fairlynk empowers you to dive deep into your contract data, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.

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