Approval & Workflows

Approval Workflows for Safer and More Efficient Contracts

Uncover Fairlynk’ feature-rich toolkit to expedite approvals, bolster compliance, and proactively mitigate risks.

Flexible approval checkpoints

Easily customize and automate contract approvals with Fairlynk’s workflow builder.

  • Tailor each approval process to your exact business requirements.
  • Enable quick contract approvals without coding skills.
  • Set a specific order for approvals.

Internal users or external ones

Fairlynk offers the flexibility to facilitate approvals from both internal users and external parties, promoting efficient and inclusive contract approval processes.

Add a layer of authenticity and accountability to your documents 

With Fairlynk, you have the option to validate documents with or without initialing. Adding initials can provide an extra layer of authenticity and accountability to your business processes, ensuring greater trust and compliance.

Notifications & Reminders 

Automatically notify the next approver when a step is completed. The notification will be sent via email and also appear in the “Your Tasks” section on Fairlynk’s documents list page.

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