Collaborative Editing

Unlock the Power of Teamwork in Editing

Experience seamless collaboration and elevated efficiency with our collaboration module.

Sharing with permission

Control contract access with precision by assigning role-based editing and approval permissions to only the essential parties. Safeguard your contracts from unauthorized access and unwarranted alterations.

  • Smooth collaboration through simple access and visibility handling
  • Suitable for both internal and external users

Collaborative Conversations : You Decide the Audience

Engage in contract discussions and negotiations right within Fairlynk. Decide if your comments should remain confidential within your internal teams or be shared with your external guests.

Up to date version history

Fairlynk’s automatic version history tracking simplifies document management. Changes made by each editor are highlighted in unique colors, and you have the flexibility to restore prior document versions at any time.

No changes pass unnoticed : Fairlynk's Comprehensive Audit Log

Maintain compliance with an event-based audit log within Fairlynk’s contract management platform. Each activity happening in a contract’s context is logged and securely stored for later reviews.

Skip the Gentle Pings

Free up your schedule with automatic notifications, approval reminders and tasks list dashboard for all stakeholders, inside and out.

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