Electronic Signature

Execute securely from anywhere

No need to juggle tools or platforms. Sign your contracts directly in Fairlynk using a variety of easy, secure, and legally binding methods.

eiDAS compliant electronic signatures

Once your contract is signed, it’s protected with a qualified electronic seal so the content can’t be changed. And you can check the authenticity independently of Fairlynk.

All contracts allowed : Word, PDF or Online Documents

Collaborate effortlessly within our platform, eliminating the hassles of version exchanges. You can also seamlessly import Word or PDF contracts for added convenience.

Set signing order

Whether they’re internal or external, Fairlynk allows you to customize the signing order, ensuring a seamless process for all parties involved.

Digital certificate-based signatures

Ensure Top-Tier Compliance in Document Signing In certain regions and regulated sectors, compliance standards demand the use of digital certificates, such as USB tokens or PFX files, to enhance identity verification. Fairlynk users have this flexibility of employing a shared organization certificate or their personal digital certificate for secure and compliant digital document signatures.

Multiple Hybrid Signing Methods

Some signers possess digital signatures stored on USB tokens. Others may not own hardware tokens or prefer not to use them.

Hybrid e-signing steps in to offer a versatile solution, in such cases. It ensures that different signers can harmonize their choice of signature method with their specific needs and preferences, whether it’s Fairlynk Sign, USB Sign, DocuSign, or another preferred option, making the e-signing process smooth and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Notifications & tracking

Similarly to Approving Process , Automatically notify the next signer when a step is completed. The notification will be sent via email and also appear in the “Your Tasks” section on Fairlynk’s documents list page.

Mobile Convenience at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly sign documents on-the-go using your mobile device, adding a new level of flexibility and convenience to your contract management.

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