JUL 24 2023 – Revolutionizing Legal Documents: Semantic Search, Docx Conversion, Renewals, Required Actions, Validation, and Mobile Signings!

Smarter Legal Document Search: Tap into the semantic power of your document repository

Discover the enhanced search capabilities in our platform. We’ve integrated semantic search alongside the familiar syntaxic search, allowing you to explore your document repository with unparalleled precision. Whether you need intuitive context-aware search or require precise syntax, this update provides the flexibility to choose the right tool for your unique needs. It’s all about making your legal document search smarter and more versatile than ever.

Effortless Editing with Word Converter

With our Word Import feature, editing your .docx or .doc files within Fairlynk has never been more straightforward. You can seamlessly upload these files and transform them into editable Fairlynk documents. The converter retains your original formatting and layout, so you can efficiently edit your documents, integrate Smart fields and clauses, and take full advantage of our live document environment. It’s all about making document editing an effortless process.

Enhanced "Required Actions" Visibility

Experience a new level of convenience with our enhanced “Required Actions” visibility. This feature is now seamlessly incorporated into your main document page alongside other categories, streamlining your workflow and making it easier than ever to manage tasks and document categories. Embrace this update for a more efficient and organized document management experience.

Effortless Contract Renewal with "Required Actions"

We’re excited to introduce a seamless update that simplifies the contract renewal process. Now, when a contract needs to be marked as renewed, it’s automatically added to your “Required Actions.” This means that as soon as you access the document, you’ll find a specific action titled “Mark as Renewed.” This streamlined approach ensures that contract renewals are managed with precision and efficiency, eliminating the need for manual tracking and enhancing your workflow. Stay on top of your contract management effortlessly with this new feature, making contract renewals a breeze within your Fairlynk experience.

Expanded Document Validation: Inclusive Access for All

Document validation isn’t limited to Fairlynk registered users anymore. You can now specify external email addresses, allowing a broader range of individuals to seamlessly access and approve documents. They’ll receive a secure link that guides them directly to the document page, ensuring focused and secure approval. Collaboration and document approval have never been more accessible.

Electronic Signature : Mobile Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our latest update delivers the convenience of mobile document signing to your fingertips, enhancing your contract management experience. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of signing on-the-go using your mobile device, adding a new level of convenience to your workflow.