OCT 09 2023 – Empowering Your Workflow: AI Drafting Assistant and Streamlined Template Creation

Introducing Contract Explorer: Your AI Drafting Assistant

Welcome to Contract Explorer, your reliable AI drafting assistant, designed to streamline your contract drafting process. This innovative resource puts essential information right at your fingertips, offering immediate access to kickstart your contract creation.

Whether you’re embarking on a new project or revisiting existing agreements, Contract Explorer simplifies your journey, empowering you to efficiently explore and access critical contract details. Say farewell to time-consuming searches, and let Contract Explorer guide you to a more efficient and productive contract drafting experience. Learn more… 

Streamlined Template Creation with Word Converter

We’re excited to introduce a convenient way to create templates within Fairlynk. You can now effortlessly craft templates, not just from scratch, but also by importing Word documents. This feature leverages our Word Converter’s capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly transform existing Word documents into editable Fairlynk templates.

This streamlined approach enhances your workflow, making it quick and easy to repurpose your documents. Save valuable time and experience the efficiency and versatility of this feature, elevating your template management within Fairlynk.

Effortless Document Details Access

Introducing a more efficient way to access and view document details. You no longer need to navigate through each document individually to find specific information. With the inclusion of the summary sheet in the document list, all the details you need are consolidated into one accessible location. By clicking on the eye icon next to any document title, you can instantly access its key information, making your document management more streamlined and accessible.