This page documents production updates to Fairlynk. You can periodically check this page for announcements about new and updated features built into the platform.

Easily add conditions on clauses

We have shortened the path of adding conditions on a given clause. That is to say instead of going to the clause through the 'Edit content' action to add conditions, you now have the option of adding them easily through the new action called "Add conditions".

This feature suggests a built-in conditional logic that enables you to control your clause appearance in a contract depending on the conditions you set through the action "Add conditions".

Search within clause content

In addition to categories and folders filters, you can now use text to narrow your searches and return more specific results. By defining text search criteria, you can find specific words within clause contents and search for exact matches.

This feature lets you quickly and easily search within the content of clauses, instead of just searching for their names, or navigating through the list to locate the right ones.

This filter is available in the clause library and on the clauses tab in a contract template as well.



Filter clauses by categories

Filtering by category can help you stay focused only on clauses grouped in the categories that you choose. This may be helpful in many cases, for example while preparing a contract template that needs a clause of a certain category, you can easily locate that clause by searching for the desired category.

This filter is available in the clause library and on the clauses tab in a contract template as well.

Arrange your clauses by categories

We've made assigning categories to clauses possible now through the clause creation pop-up.

You can choose to assign one or many categories to your clause from the categories already created, or create ones on the fly by just typing labels and pressing the enter button.

Categories are not only meant to group your clauses by commonality, but they can also be used to search and filter for specific items.


New category management module

A new administration module named "Categories" is now available in the left sidebar under the "administration" section. Its main role is to provide you with an interface where you can create, modify, delete and list categories and sub-categories.


Improved the actions buttons appearance on lists

The list of possible actions on a specific item has taken on a new look. Instead of having a succession of icons one after the other, we have opted for a smarter style that not only doesn't take up a lot of space but also doesn't make us invent meaningless icons for actions such as "Add a sub-category" in the category list.